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Bianca Cockrell is a freelance documentary producer and writer who lives in Los Angeles, her hometown and favorite city in the world. Here are various things to know about her:

She is currently working on several documentary projects, creating, developing, and producing from her apartment rather than break social distancing. Before the global pandemic, she was working as a field segment producer on the latest season of Supernanny. She also serves as the Zone 10 representative on the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council.

She has done research and produced for The New York Times, Netflix, HBO Max, ESPN, and more; her reviews and other writing have appeared in a variety of publications like Heavy Feather Review, Screen Queens, Magenta Florence, and the esteemed Robot Butt. She formerly worked in Congress and consulted for progressive congressional campaigns.

In her spare time, she compiles lists of her favorite essays and works on her book. You can subscribe to her newsletters of these and other fun things here.

If you would like her to write things for you or if you would like to recommend new books or poems, she checks her inbox bkcwrites@gmail.com at least four times a day.