Who am I (and who are we really)?

The latter’s answer remains in flux, a consistent unknown in an inconsistent world. As to the former: at this moment in time, I am a twentysomething trying to find a place in the world, as most twentysomethings are wont to do. Other answers include documentary producer, freelance writer, Neighborhood Council representative, reader, hobbyist photographer, National Parks annual pass holder . . .

During my time at Pomona College, I studied politics, focusing on political theory and my great love, Alexis de Tocqueville. I wrote my senior thesis, Alexis in America, on the intersection of political culture and fairytales, which was featured here.

Topics I’m interested in include public transportation, the idea of “home” and “America”, modernism, prison abolition, anti-gentrification efforts, and living ethically under capitalism (an impossible task). I love literature, I like to think about how the culture we consume (in)explicitly shapes our world, and of course I am tormented daily by thoughts of climate change.

All this to say: thank you for stumbling into my small corner of the Internet. I look forward to our long and fruitful friendship or the inevitable banishment of our existence to the abyss—whichever comes first.


Here’s a photo of me to confirm this site was not built by robots.