Twaa’aa nehiino tehoovetmo – I count my blessings

Quick note: I goofed and took an unintentional hiatus—therefore, this list is particularly lengthy. But the extra time has gleaned so many especially good pieces. Also, you have to read the latest NYT report about climate change. I don’t make the rules (but our planet, rapidly warming by our collective actions, does). 


America (in one way or another).


Figuring It Out Together

  • I think about this story, and the idea of what makes a “proper” and “respectable” living and career and life, all of the time. “But forward progress as material comfort is cultivated through the ubiquitous lie that upward mobility equals righteousness.  Honest living is a nice story we tell ourselves to rationalize privation, but in the real world money procures all the honesty we need… A common feature of depression is being unable to imagine a decent future, one reason why insightful thinkers connect the condition to the scarcities of modernity and increasing recognition of a coming ecological catastrophe.  I don’t know that salvation can be found in labor, a notion that combines the most alienating elements of Christianity and capitalism, but I’m not disposed to anymore pretend that grace can be attained by discussing work in paid conversations.”  “An Honest Living” by Steven Salaita
  • Nihilism is not, in fact, about shooting frogs but about “There is not some external standard we can appeal to for right action, be it the church, the law, custom, so we need to figure things out together,” so, when people ask me if I am kind of nihilistic I say, “Yes, indeed, I am, what a nice compliment.” “Do Things Matter?” by Sarah Miller
  • On first loves, county fairs, and the directionlessness of youth: “I spent most of it goofing off, playing guitar, pretending I was some kind of poet by reciting “The Waste Land” in speech class. It made me feel important to tell a room of my peers that April was the cruelest month. Who cared what it meant?” “Seventeen” by Steve Edwards


April is National Poetry Month and I read accordingly.


Quick, a Message from our Sponsors: Looking to 2020. (Everyone please donate to Elizabeth Warren.)

  • I was so angry when Biden announced he was running because Joe Biden Isn’t the Answer. Thanks, Rebecca Traister.
  • Oh man, it had to be said and it has finally, too quickly, been said: “The only strong conviction he really seems to have is that he deserves to be president.” “Beto 2020: a masterclass in male entitlement” by Arwa Mahdawi
  • I like(d) Buttigieg—my initial enthusiasm for him bordered on Beto(running-for-Texas-Senate)mania—I do, but this essay pokes some excellent holes and provides some solid reminders to dampen our enthusiasm just a bit for an often ideologically evasive, understandably-but-too-much-for-my-taste war happy, former McKinsey consultant candidate. The reminder that, as “Gays for Trump” taught us before, that white people will prioritize being white over any other minority affiliation they may have. “All About Pete” by Nathan Robinson
  • A deep dive into Hell! (lol) (“How the Idea of Hell Has Shaped the Way We Think” by Vinson Cunningham) There’s a cruel paradox at work: the more secular our representations of Hell become, the more the poor and rejected and otherwise undesirable tend to populate it.


By the time I publish my next list, Game of Thrones will be over.


Women (in one way or another).


Late Capitalism Loneliness & Other Sadness.


Possible Antidotes to Aforementioned Loneliness.

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